Audience Selection Guide

To begin your audience selection, go to the AUDIENCE tab in the top navigation bar on — you will see 4 subtabs (Mile Radius, Print Audience Detail, Additional Copies and Billing. You will need to navigate through each of these tabs to complete your audience selection.
Mile Radius
You will be choosing the mile radius from your business, outward to your customers — it is the area you service, and will be used to help shape the audience who receives your communications. Make sure to choose a radius and click on UPDATE RADIUS each time you may make a different selection.
This option will display locations within a certain mile radius of your business on the following two tabs.
Print Audience Detail
When on this page you will need to select your specific audience that the magazines will be send to. You would first select either Repair Insights Magazine or Service Insights Magazine. Once you click on the magazine you would like to work with, you will see a drop down section of business categories.
Print Audience Detail
Click on the category to show the list of locations available for your selection in the Your Audience Selection section on the right side of the screen.
Print Audience Detail
On the right side, after you have viewed your audience, you can choose to include all (CHECK ALL) or include none (UNCHECK ALL) or be selective in your audience selection by selecting the individual businesses you would like to include.
Print Audience Detail
Make sure to click UPDATE AUDIENCE before moving onto to the next step.
Additionally, you can…
You can click on the "Click here" option at the bottom of the Audience Detail column to view a report of your available locations if you would prefer.
You can also add business one at a time — this business will only be used for your communications; no other business will see this data or have access to it.
Add a Business
You can also add businesses by sending us a simple excel spreadsheet that can be used for your communications only. Send the excel spreadsheet to and we will add it to your database.
Participating businesses will receive (3) copies of each magazine produced for internal (or external) distribution with your business information printed on it. You can indicate if you would like more than the allotted copies of the magazine. Many businesses use additional copies of the magazine for prospecting as it is a perfect calling card for your business. Choose your copies here and UPDATE after you have made your changes.
Additional Copies
Here you will choose how you would like to have this program billed to you — either through your GM/ACDelco Co‐op Funds or your Open Parts Account. After selecting, make sure to UPDATE BILLING.
Additional Copies

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